Sinharaja Rain Forest


The Sinharaja Forest Reserve, the best-known rainforest in Sri Lanka, is well worth a visit from anyone who is interested in the natural resources of this country. It has been declared a World Heritage Site, because of its unique and high biodiversity.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve is the most famous rainforest of the country and  it is considered as a World Heritage Site. This tropical rain forest is a living heritage. Biodiversity of the forest is very high and a large proportion of the flora in this forest is endemic to the country. Sinharaja Rain Forest is home to numerous indigenous birds and Sri Lanka’s 20 species of endemic bird species in Sri Lanka are found in the Sinharaja Reserve. Out of 12 endemic mammal species of the country 8 are found here.

Sinharaja has the benefit of both monsoons. Rainfalls are regular during the south-west monsoons, May-July, the north-east monsoons and November-January, except February when the conditions are dry.

Many threatened species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and butterflies are found in the Reserve including the leopard.

It holds a large number of endemic species of plants and a variety of plants of known benefit to man. Sinharaja Forest Reserve is the last viable remnant of Sri Lanka’s tropical lowland rain forest; over 60% of the trees are endemic and many of these are rare; and there are 21 endemic bird species, and a number of rare insects, reptiles and amphibians .

As a rainforest with its rich and complex diversity of vegetation, Sinharaja provides habitats for a variety of animals. Although dependent on plants for food, animals also carry out certain functions vital to the growth of some plants. Pollination and seed dispersal are two of these.

The only way to get about the reserve is by foot, and excellent park guides, or freelance guides available through many hotels, can lead you along slippery trails pointing out the wealth of stunning plant, bird and animal-life.

Waterfalls of Sinharaja Tropical Rain Forest - Pitadeniya Entrance

There are 8 very beautiful waterfalls and unlimited waterways at Pitadeniya entrance to Sinharaja forest. Those are Kekuna falls, Pathanoya falls, Malmora falls, Brahmana falls, Galdoru falls, Uran Wetuna falls, Thattu falls and Duwili falls. All those waterfalls and categories in Sri Lankan major waterfalls list and it may seen various sceneries in various angles. Some waterfalls are very higher and some are narrow once. Duwili falls is most beautiful waterfall in Sinharaja and Galdoru falls is some what different shape of waterfalls.

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